the sound of music

These sweet little mp3s available for download are close to how the famous band Lasch sounds live on stage.


Harmonische Abfolge - Live.mp3

Schnee und Regen - Live.mp3

Radio Energie - Live.mp3

Thanks to our guest musicians:
Bernhard Neumaier (trombone, kettledrum)
Petra Schuster (vocals)
Daniela Riedl (vocals)
Angelika Winter (violin)
Martina Trunk (cello)

Recorded at the ORF Funkhaus in Vienna, 22-06-2005 by Wolfgang Bauch for the FM4 Studio 2 Session.

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If you came here to find out how the famous band Lasch sounds like, follow this link and click on a title, which you think has the most funniest name.

Soul Seduction built a nice little player, where you can hear all our songs from the latest album the principle of superposition. The player is very easy to use and uses three colors. Red, Orange and Black - strictly speaking black is no color, but who cares.

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For those who are too lazy to read:
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The album 'The Principle of Superposition' is available in well-assorted record-stores or can be ordered online at Soulseduction.
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You can also purchase single songs or the whole album as mp3 files at (we apologize for the websites confusing name).
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the famous band remixed


Some people say a good remix is like a dogs tail. It can be long or short. The famous band Lasch agrees and says Arf, Arf!


Girl In Paris Remixes
Radio Edit.mp3
Sove Remix.mp3
Voxsta Remix.mp3
Zamuel Remix.mp3



Interne Betrachtung Remixes
Soves Highschool Dub.mp3

Hot & Crunchy.mp3
Lenz Remic.mp3 (leemusic)
Externe Verachtung - Any Maniac Redo.mp3



Picknick im Pop Remixes
Le Tam Tam Remix.mp3

sidecar projects

These are several projects in which members of the famous band Lasch are involved. That stuff is all so cool that you really shouldn´t pass on it. Therefore we offer you the very exclusive chance to download it here.
Because we are your friends.

Boogie v. 1.7.mp3

Fiago is a two man and one computer venture of Max Tertinegg and Markus Jausovec. Every now and then Markus (aka Sove) sits together with Max and starts a conversation about 80´s Electro Polka. Since both of them were musically socialized in the mid-seventies they got strongly influenced by the style of songs like "Who stole the Kishka?" and "Zydeco gris gris". The result can be heard here.

John Tokyo
Der Schlaf (Anaesthesia Mix).mp3
Die Scheibenwischer (Rare recording from 1985).mp3
John Tokyo is somehow associated with the famous band Lasch - even though he is less a real bandmember than more a band mascot. If you want to know more about the talentet former pornstar and photographer and understand german, hit this with your left mouse button. The famous band Lasch is pleased to bring you two of his very tender songs about physical basic needs like sleep and sex.
Parts of his Song 'Die Scheibenwischer' were adapted for the famous band Lasch´s 'Doppelspiel'.

max Min
I don't let you go.mp3
Girl in Paris (Original Version).mp3
One day, Stephan Taul, the studio and sound-mastermind of the famous band Lasch was angry with bassplayer Max Tertinegg because he screwed his favourite groupie. So he sent Max to clean up the studio and dust every single potentiometer of his 64 channel mixer.
Max, still shocked and intimidated, went downstairs to the studio and put all his sorrows into beautyful melancholic songs, which he recorded at the same night. When Stephan heard the sweet tunes, he let Max off the hook and they were friends again.
The official max Min website can be found here and is very beautyful to look at.

Shannon Kimono

Mang Tsoe.mp3
Juli is when the Sparrows sigh.mp3
Königin in.mp3
Japanese Safari.mp3
Now ladies and gents, this is real rare shit. Four unpublished, unreleased and cracking good tracks of Shannon Kimono. These songs actually were a remittance work for the chinese restaurant mang tsoe. They were fed up with the usual background jingles that you always hear in any asian restaurant. So they asked Shannon for the job! He felt very honored, produced them in no time and ate four chicken sezhuan a day.
Unfortunately, Xue Sing Wang, the owner of the place refused to pay the protection money to the chinese mafia, which usually produces the music. So they burned down the whole restaurant and the collaboration had its quick end.


Voxsta is a duo, that actually is a solo project of Stephan Taul. Sounds complicating and is even more complicated once you get to know this guy. From time to time he decides to write a song. Then he goes into his studio, alone. He won´t be seen for sumless hours and doesn´t speak until one of his worried band members looks after him.
That´s when he starts exploiting them. In his own dictatorial way he will ask for a so called 'creative contribution' and timeless songs like Schlörps with Petra Schuster or Kleeblatt featuring John Tokyo will arise.

Three Seconds.mp3
The Android.mp3
Wintermute is a very crazy project of the famous band´s Lasch newest and most handsome bandmember Andreas Pirchner. He´s more or less famous for his exorbitant love of animals and is the founder of the one man and one armadillo project Wintermute.
Their production process is as unusal as simple. Andi plugs the Keyboard to his computer and places a fresh larva on one side. Then he lures his house armadillo Sandy over the keys while he pushes the record-button.
Unfortunately, Andi and Sandy never perform live together by reason of animal rights.