upcoming events

29th of March, Hannah´s Plan
Hannah´s Plan, Kirchengasse 48, 1070 Wien

It´s a bit shady, but as far as our fat and cigarre-smoking booker understood is there free entrance. But, as there´s always a "but" in these kind of sentences, the free entrance will only be for a short time.
From 7 pm "by invitation only" and around 9 pm doors will be open for all. That´s when the band´s just started! So be in time!

recent performances

24th of March, Tratari Graz
Kunst und Kulturverein, Josefigasse 1, Graz (next to Medienturm)

Tratari is a small art association and initiative. There out-and-out sympathic and we couldn´t refuse to give a dimunitive concert. And between you and me: the Tratari is just next to our studio.

17th of March, Zeichensaalfest Graz
Rechbauerstrasse 12, 2.Stock

Yes, we´ll be rocking at new years eve at the gesäuse with many other bands and artists. Click the flyer on your left hand side to find all desired information like where to go, who you´ll see and what´s it all about!

31st of december 2005, Admont (Stmk.)/Pavillon Gstatterboden/Nationalpark Gesäuse.

8th of September, Elevate Festival Graz, Dom im Berg

The famous band will be playing at the opening party of ELEVATE - das Schloßbergfestival. The entrance will be free and Gernot is wearing a blue bermuda the night before the concert.

22nd of July, FM4 Studio Session
More information here.

25th of June, Forum Sommer Fest, Forum Stadtpark Graz


The famous band will be having a nice sommer party together with so many others that it seems impossible to post them all here. But they did, so click here to see the other artists.

17th of June, Woast Open Air

28th of April, Universität für angewandte Kunst*, Wien, 21:00

the famous band Lasch will be performing on the Fest der Angewandten at the end of April.
DJ line up: mantenna, atitok, rakete, homonculus, duran durandom
Bands: the famous band Lasch, Birne Helene
*Oskar Kokoschka-Platz 2

7th of April, P.P.C. Graz - the famous band Lasch is going to celebrate the release of their debut album with a concert and a big party. The very beautful band Lada Taiga will be warming up!
Everyone who´s not gonna be there is obviously somewhere else.