what makes lasch so famous

Lasch is lackadaisical and the jam remains in the glass. Thatīs how it used to be, back then, when the famous band Lasch was founded by the four young austrian musicians Gernot Eichmann, Stephan Taul, Max Tertinegg and Valentin Ruhry. This was more than 5 years ago.

After that, they decided to gather all their music equipment at one place and found themselves a house in the outskirts of Graz, where they moved in together with their analog synthesizers, guitars, computers, drum machines and rhythm instruments.
Over the years, the house accommodated several different artists and musicans, which all took part to constitute the famous band Lasch. Petra Schuster enlightened the sound of the famous band Lasch with her tender voice as it can be heard on the last recording. Klaus Miehs played trumpet and trombone.


In the meantime the housing project is running Version 2.
The famous band Lasch found itself a new lodging in the middle of Graz - close to the famous Grazer Murinsel and the even more famous Grazer Kunsthaus.

Satisfied from searching and due to the fact that well-beloved Petra Schuster left town and moved to some austrian wildlife reserve, the famous band Lasch went on a look-out for a new singer. After intense casting sessions with hundreds of talented and willed vocalists the famous band Lasch is now proud to present Marie-Claire Trentelman from the Netherlands as their new prima donna for upcoming concerts and records. In order to fill the geographical gap between the Netherlands and Austria, german multi-instrumentalist Andreas Pirchner was asked to join the club.

In the meantime and after several concerts the band seperated from Marie-Claire. Since that time a temporary appointment was made between Daniela Riedl aka. Makki to accompany at live gigs. Makki is also performing with Binder und Krieglstein and Lada Taiga.


spend your money on this

In June 2001 the famous band Lasch contributed Doppelspiel to habitatG, which is a music-compilation containing artists from Graz only. The sampler was compiled by kim-pop and contains music from Binder & Krieglstein, Mika, Toxic Lounge and many others.



In Spring 2003, the famous band Lasch contributed Picknick im Pop to the Soundselection 8 released by FM4. (They knew their product to be hazardous, they knew it to be unsafe. But the bottom line was that they spent too much money making the thing and they wanted a return on their investment. They wanted what they thought they had coming to them*. But still, the royalties paid off.)

Just a few months later, another sampler made in Graz featured the famous band Lasch. Donīt forget: it was 2003, Graz was the cultural capital of Europe and there was money lying about the streets like never before. Therefore the band wasnīt less generous and chipped in their two songs Endelos and Honigmond.

By the end of that year, the album the principle of superposition was long finished but all the money provided by Graz was waisted on floating coffee barīs and friendly aliens. There was no cash left to produce, distribute and promote the work of the famous band Lasch.
But the famous band Lasch prayed to god, kept up hope and after more than a year of waiting the Album was released at kim-pop. Jiiihaaaa!