Elevate Opening

Elevate Schloßbergfestival Graz, 8-09-2005, Pictures taken by Katharina Haring

FM4 Studio Session

Daniela Riedl waiting, Valentin Ruhry playing, Gernot thinking, Andreas Pirchner beeing photographed from the back

Daniela singing, Stephan Taul singing, Max Tertinegg singing, Gernot thinking

Martina Trunk playing, Bernhard Neumaier playing, Angelika Winter playnig tender violine, Petra Schuster bringing her old memories as lead vocalist of the famous band Lasch to mind

All pictures shot by Pamela Rußman 22-06-2005 at the FM4 Studio 2 Session

video shooting

Set pictures from the video shooting of the famous band Lasch´s single Interne Betrachtung.

11th of July, Dopplinger Studio Vienna, pictures by Eva Engelbert

Woast Open Air

the famous band Lasch, WOAST Open Air, Kriehmühle, Wartberg/Aist, 17-06-2005, Pictures by Marlene Hausegger

Album Release Party P.P.C. Graz

More pictures of the famous band´s Lasch album release party can be found here. Lada Taiga were supporting them and Martin Blystad brought his camera all the way from Norway. 7th of April 2005, P.P.C. Graz.

At the Fm4 Studio

Pictures by Martin Blystad

lasch on a walk through the forest

Pictures by Markus Schuster and Daniel Hafner. Concept by Valentin Ruhry.