Lasch - Interne Betrachtung

Taraa! The first the famous band Lasch music video. Everbody scream: "Yeah!" Listen, here´s the story. Actually the famous band Lasch was in proceedings with some real fat crumpy major label. They already gathered some money and big professionals from tv-advertisement together.

We started shooting the video in april and everything was working out until this stupid incident happend. Well, we signed contracts not to speak about it but apparently media will find out sooner or later.

Anyway. Synes Elischka and Vera Polaschegg, working as trainees for a big austrian film company at this time, were assigned to make a short documentary about the making of the video. Thanks to them, we´ve now got at least something to show all our friends and fans around the world!



Interne Betrachtung - the famous band (8,9 MB Quicktime)

Interne Betrachtung - the famous band Lasch.wmf (10,2 MB Windows Media Player)

Screenshots from Interne Betrachtung by the famous band Lasch.

Girl in Paris

The actual Girl in Paris (Marie Bendl aka Dita von Dark, now back in Vienna) made this fabulous video - enjoy!


Girl in Paris - the famous band (9,5 MB Quicktime)













making the internet look good

After long research the W3C (World Wide Web Consortium) discovered that websites with moving images and/or animations seem to be even more appealing then those with pictures and texts only.
This enlightening insight put some pressure on the famous band Lasch and forced them to set this very crappy video online. An ancient live-footage-mash.
Enjoy and thanks to the W3C for leading the web to its full potential.


The famous band Lasch, Live, 1982
Quicktime movie, 2,5 Mb