Brutzel, Oleee!

Hello free assignable midi-cooking pots! What a nice month. The sun is shining and not only for those in New Zealand. It does so in Honolulu, Suva and Graz.
The famous band Lasch was very busy and played a concert every weekend. We had pretty much fun at the Zeichensaalfest in Graz. It seems like any student for architecture became 4 ECTS Points for beeing on the sauce. Falling on the floor drunk, gives two extra credits! Naos were playing too and we all love them!

The Gig at the Tratari was very exciting too. I, the drummer, wasn´t there since I had malaria last week but I´ve heard that it was a very convenient and cosy scene. Maki was flying on stage and Gernot had huge fireballs coming out of his left little toe, while he played on a banjo held by two black nudes! As usual he played it with his false teeth. Well, even I admit that I must have missed something.

On wednesday we´ll be rocking Vienna. Again we´ll be playing very loud music and people will collapse. The place is called Hannah´s Plan and our gig is some sort of "not public", "free entrance", "by invitation only" or whatever. Anyway, be there around 21:00 when we presumably start playing and it will all be working out.
Or how people in Styria say: Schåu ma mol - dånn seng ma schå´!

hello, bello!

Long time no seen! But at least it´s not to late to invite you to our special gig at new years eve in Admont (Stmk.). Where the bagbeatz will be rocking the Pavillon Gstatterboden. That all takes place in the Nationalpark Gesäuse after we had one of our unfashionable live performances. Find more information at our dates section!

06/10 2005
elevate pics

The elevate festival was so beautiful.
We, the famous band Lasch couldn´t have had more fun during the whole festival. And hopefully not only we were delighted to be the once to open the festival with a concert at the dom im berg.

Finally we got hold of some pictures Katharina Haring shot that night. If you want to see them, have a gently click on the PICS button at the left menu bar.

28/09 2005
Piknik Baby

Howdy! The famous band Lasch will be joining you for a Picknick am Wegesrand. We´re all looking forward to be seeing you in Kaisermühlen on the 29th of September between 21:00 and 21:15. That´s the 15 minutes time frame in which we will be playing our top 3 tunes! More Information at

14/09 2005

Recorded at the ORF Funkhaus in Vienna, 22-06-2005 by Wolfgang Bauch for the FM4 Studio 2 Session.

Check our new MP3´s!


Bang. It took quite a while, but here we go. While Joanna Newsome kills her dinner with karate, we punch JPEG and MP3 Compressors in the face to bring you this amazing shit.
On the 22nd of July the famous band Lasch recorded their FM4 Studio 2 Session.
Today, only 1 1/2 months later our overweight and unshaved site administrator managed to find his laptop (it was hidden under the second pillow of his bed, usually his girlfriend sleeps there, but since she´s on a trip through europe...okay, stop here.), so, 1 1/2 month later pictures and soundfiles of this marvellous event (the studio session, remember!?) found their way on this well attended website.

Download our new MP3s at the MUSIC section now or directly here:


Harmonische Abfolge - Live.mp3

Schnee und Regen - Live.mp3

Radio Energie - Live.mp3

Studio Pictures online now!

Can you see this beautiful photography on the left side? Can you see the guitar and the drums?

These are just some of the instruments played by the famous band Lasch at their recording session at the ORF Funkhaus. Pamela Rußman brought her camera and took some pictures while the band was recording. She gave us a copy of those powerful and amazing shots.
And since we always cared and still care for our fans, we´re now proud to present Pamela's great portraits on our website - in colour and in black and white for our disadvantaged achromate fan majority.
See the photographs in our PICS section!

elevate festival 05

Thursday the 8th of September will be a great day. Partly because Gernot celebrates his first week without system crash on his laptop (keep your fingers crossed) and also because the first ELEVATE festival will take place on the Grazer Schloßberg.
The huge festival, hosting bands like The (International) Noise Conspiracy, Millionaire, Dälek, Waxolutionists, Linkmen, Attwenger, Puppetmastaz, Autechre, DMX Krew, µ-Ziq, Hrvatski (...) will be opened on Thursday 8-9-2005 at the Dom im Berg. And, yes your guess was right: the famous band Lasch is performing that night. Free Entry, there´s no excuse left not to come.

Information about the programm at

02/09 2005 is back

Only Max didn´t come. He had already planned a trip to Egypt with his mother.

And not only it´s back, it´s back with a suntanned back. Why it became all so quiet around Simple reason: mostly all members of the famous band Lasch, including their manager, booking assistent, site administrators and some of the groupies were sunbathing either on the adria, black sea or even eastern sea while sipping cocktails on the beach.
But now the time is right to make up leeway.

Expect some updates, as for example pictures from FM4´s Studio Session or new sound files for download, in the near future.

18/07 2005
Lasch at FM4 Studio 2 Session

Dear GIS-Gebührenzahler. The very friendly and alternative radio station FM4 has invitied us to record some songs at the Studio 2 of the Funkhaus Wien.
We are very honoured and have a surprise for you.
The regular Lasch band instrumentation has been expanded, exclusively for the session. First of all, we´re very proud to have Petra Schuster, our former singer, on board. Imagine, parts of the famous band Lasch have not been seeing her for almost two years.
Then we have several other musicians who´ll join us. Expect a Trombone, a Cello and a Violin completing our fine tunes.
The whole event will take place on Fri 22-07-2005 and will be aired on FM4  Mo 25-07-2005, 19:00.
In a couple of days you´ll be able to download the whole session on this site.
Click here for further information on the FM4 webpage.

16/07 2005
new pics again

Hello crazy beta-kids. The famous band has been shooting a music video for one of their many hit-tunes Interne Betrachtung. The video is directed by the great and talented film-maker Synes Elischka.
The editing process isn´t finished yet but you´ve already got the chance to see some exclusive set pictures in our photo section.
Once the video is finished, you´ll find it on this site!

15/07 2005
lasch summer collection

Hey fashion freaks out there. You can now regulary buy our famous the famous band Lasch fashion! And not only we think the new fancy stuff is hot. No, some of our friends think the same. That´s why they agreed to appear in our catalogue.
Justin was there, as well as Cameron, Missy an many more! We´re proud if you click here.

22/06 2005
Lasch live at the forum sommerfest

Franziska and Stephanie holding the banner have been waiting for more than 6 hours to get to see their favourite band. We love them!

Hei kiddies! We´re gonna be playing live at the forum stadtpark sommerfest in Graz soon. They other´s are already queeing up! So you better hurry to make sure to get into the front row!


Check the line up here!


Saturday, 25th of June, Forum Sommer Fest, Forum Stadtpark Graz

21/06 2005
lasch live pics

Hello ol´ dirty porn-google-seakers, we have some sexy pics for you! The famous band Lasch live at the woast festival! Enjoy and don´t forget to wash your hands!

the famous band Lasch, WOAST Open Air, Kriehmühle, Wartberg/Aist, 17-06-2005

19/06 2005
hello sexy

Lackadaisical folk out there! Love is possible and we proof it for you! The famous band Lasch has now T-shirts and Sweaters for their great fans available. Come to see our concerts where we have our sales booth and get your own limited couture! You won´t regret it.

The stuff is silkscreen-printed and selfmade by the famous band itself. They all participated in a textile workshop and Andy actually irons the shirts while his underemployed parts during concerts.

If you want you can also fill out the fan registration form and you´ll be set online to our fan register. But don´t forget to check the label. Lasch couture is only real with the we love you-tag on it!

10/06 2005
Lasch live

Gernot from the famous band together with some blond danish groupies after the last open air in Danmark.

We´re playing live again soon. Don´t miss our performance at the WOAST Open Air next week. The famous band will be having it´s first show with new vocalist Makki and we´re all looking forward to it. Something else everyone´s waiting for is the induction to the camping season.

Gernot from the famous band promised to be coming with his VW camper where the after show party will be held on the camping site.

The two-day festival features other live acts like Trio Exclusiv, Cosmic Casino, Land Mine Spring, Adalbert Günther Trio, Ephen Rian, Tunek vs. awfulTHEsample and many DJs.


It´s rumored that the WOAST festival has a long tradition of bad weather. But since the weather is so exclusivly bad all around at the moment, there is a slight chance that things turn around this time. In this spirit the famous band likes to finish with LET THE SUN SHINE IN.

WOAST Open Air, Fr. 17-6-2005, Kriehmühle, Oberösterreich

09/06 2005
Tune in Gorilla

Hello you funny internet traveller. There is another fresh announcement to make: the famous band Lasch was invited for an Interview at Radio Orange. It will be live so we have to take care of what we´re saying - or at least Valentin, since he´ll be the only one who´s able to keep the appointment.
The programm is called OUTRO and is hosted by Florian Obkircher, Philipp L´Heritage and Christina Nemec.

If you´re living in Vienna tune in on to UKW 94.0. If you live somewhere else in Austria but are plugged to Telekabel, recieve it on 92.7. If you´ve never been to Austria in your whole life stream it over the internet.

OUTRO, Friday 10th of June, 14:00 - 15:00 on Radio Orange


08/06 2005
Sandy in health again

The webmaster wants to point out, that there was NO other picture of Makki available, when setting this post online.

Dear Lasch fans out there in the united universe of the holy internet. Sorry for the long break. There haven´t been too many postings here recently. We truly apologize. But - as there always is - there was a reason for this discontinuity.

And now, we have three news for you. A bad one, a good one and another good one.

The first piece of news, which may be not so nice: we seperated from Marie-Claire, the wonderful vocalist who sang at our recent live performances.

The good news is, that we found a very talented backup singer. Daniela Riedl aka. Makki will be accompanying the famous band Lasch on upcoming live shows.

Makki, well reknown for her tender voice and brutal live performances with Binder und Krieglstein or Lada Taiga, is very nice and has no pets. Speaking of pets, the last piece: Andi´s armadillo is finally cured and in the pink again. We wish Sandy the best and hope that she´ll stay in this firm constitution.

27/04 2005
lasch goes cool

Don´t miss the next live gig on the 28th of April.
There is a very funny University in Vienna, which is called "the University of applied Arts". The reason for that is that this university teaches young students how to be future-artists.
Partying hard is one important element in this education. Therefore, a big party will be held on the upcoming Thursday. It will take place at the University and they have music, Djs, cheap drinks and lots of fun.
The famous band Lasch was asked to play there and couldn´t refuse. Neither could Birne Helene and the DJs mantenna, atitok, rakete, homonculus and duran durandom.
Sandra and Martin, both friends of Claudia, said that they´ll be coming too.

21/04 2005
new license

Dear Fans, do you know the feeling of loosing something? Do you know how it is, do be unable to recall where things have been left? Well, the famous band Lasch knows. It´s terrible.
On the last gig of the family dog Lars, Valentin got so drunk, that he lost the band´s wallet. Fortunately he turned the whole salary, which was in there, into Mochitos, Strawberry Daiquiri and Long Island Icetea before it got undiscoverable. Unfortunately the famous bands Lasch driving license got lost as well.
Howsoever, the famous band Lasch went to the photographer to take pictures for a new license. And thanks to the modernisation of bureaucratic procedures. It was finished within 2 hours and set them back almost nothing.
All they need now is a new wallet.

Go to the websites picture section to see the photo that J.J. Kucek took.

19/04 2005
Lars live pics online

Lars with some members of the famous band Lasch while the soundcheck is in session.

Last Saturday was a historical moment for the famous band Lasch. Their house dog Lars played it´s first concert at the kioden electronic lounge in vienna. Lars is a neat and housebroken dog and very fond of children.
The famous band Lasch took Lars in when they were on their trip to Vis in Croatia. The depraved stray dog was abandoned on a gas station. Only two years later Lars was ready to rock on live gigs.

See pictures of proof here.


15/04 2005
the family dog lars live

The famous band Lasch is pleased to announce a very special live gig of the family dog Lars. The family dog Lars is going to play at the kioden electronic lounge on the upcoming saturday, 16th of April.

The party will take place at ra´an bar, Währingerstr. 6-8, 1090 Wien and starts at 21:00. Free entry until 22:00, after that 5€ entrance fee.

The famous band Lasch recommends this event very much and again, likes to point out, that the family dog Lars is not the same as the famous band Lasch, which is very often mistaken by others.

12/04 2005
livepics online now

We love you! Yes, we really do! Not only that we play live-gigs for you! No, we even have people taking pictures of these shows. And why that? In order to post them on this neat website afterwards. And why should we do that? Because we love you!
Click the word LOVE and you´ll be sent directly to a site on which you see everything the famous band Lasch did before and while their release party. Like for example on that picture to the right, where Valentin and Max just carry Gernot to the gig!

09/04 2005
Lasch on their trip to Vienna

The famous band Lasch was asked for an interview on the austrian radiostation FM4. So they packed their backpacks, bought some cheap tickets at the mainstation in Graz and went to austrias big capitol.
This was the first time Stephan left Graz so he was a bit nervous. But Gernot was very sympathic for him and decided to not take part in the interview. Instead they both agreed upon going to see the viennese Prater for amusement purposes and lifting Stephans spirit.
At the end just parts of the band were able to meet FM4´s loveliest voice Astrid Schwarz to talk about the band, dish-washing and Polka. Have a look here to see pictures of Max, Marie-Claire and Valentin, which the infamous drunk norwegian Martin Blystad took that day.
Unfortunately Andi´s armadillo had a cold and so Andi couldn´t come.
The interview will be aired sunday night (10th of April) and sometime on thursday afternoon (14th of April).


If you missed it: download an 5MB-mp3 of the interview here.

06/04 2005
Sweet Covergirls

This is a hypnotic entry on the official Lasch-Website. Once you read this lines, you go to the next Kiosk and buy the great austrian Falter, which brings a nice story about the famous band Lasch. It´s the magazine with the most beautiful people on the cover (But only on the styrian issue - viennese readers have to browse to the inside of the paper.).
And when we clap our hands you´ll fall asleep and dream of naked Jörg Haider dancing on tables while the first party convention of BZÖ is in session.
After you´ve thrown up, read the story here.

04/04 2005
see us live

We´re gonna be celebrating our Debut Album soon. Come to see us playing live at the P.P.C. Graz on Thursday the 7th of April. The very beautiful Band Lada Taiga will be supporting us.

02/04 2005
Lasch likes animals

Just a few days ago, the famous band Lasch went on a lovely walk throught a forest near Graz. The nice weather encouraged them to do so.
The famous band Lasch seems to be very close to nature and they like animals. Yesterday Max said that he likes dogs a lot, but Gernot thought that cats are better pets. For some strange reasons, Andi loves armadillos.
Look at the great pictures they took at the photosection or check the pics below.

29/03 2005
album out now

The famous band Lasch is proud to announce the release of their debut-album the principle of superposition. It is released at KIM in collaboration with etage noir.

After many months of hard work and even more months of waiting, the final (which now means final, we promise) release date will be the 29th of March 2005.

That´s when you´ll be able to buy our album at the next funky record store. If there are no funky record stores nearby or you feel like you're not funky enough to enter them, pre-order at soulseduction !